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Top ten problems that can be solved effectively using Clinical hypnosis.

​What problems can really be solved using Clinical hypnosis? This article will describe many of the issues clients who seek help come to see a hypnotherapist for. Clinical hypnosis can help alleviate all these complications safely and effectively.

Why clinical hypnosis? How can it help me? Many people have heard about the amazing therapeutic potential of clinical hypnosis. Much success has been accomplished within the field throughout the decades. Clinical hypnosis is often used in the treatment of psychological or psychosomatic ailments. Although this is the case, many individuals including celebrities and business leaders have use hypnosis as it is also a powerful tool for self-empowerment, attaining one's goals and for motivation.

People often wonder what sort of ailments can be treated using clinical hypnosis? What goals can hypnosis help me achieve? Below is a list of the top ten problems that can be solved using clinical hypnosis. The issues that can be treated using hypnosis are too numerous and therefore it is impossible to mention all of them in an article and by no means is this list all of the complications that can be dealt with using hypnosis.

4) Insomnia

There is little worse than getting into bed and not being able to sleep especially when you have an early morning. There can be many factors that are keeping you awake. By uncovering and addressing the underlying issue that is causing your sleep hindrances  it is easily possible to eliminate and amend the issue using hypnotic suggestion which can act on the unconscious mind allowing the mind to adjust its sleeping pattern.

Sleep disturbances can be made to fade into the background allowing you to sleep extremely well, just as you did when you were a baby. Hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic tool which can allow you to enjoy a good night's sleep and it is completely safe and natural (no medication required at all).

5) Phobias

We have certain fears that have been instilled into us for our own safety (eg: a little caution when crossing the road). These fears have their purpose, but often we have irrational fears that may really hinder us from living our life to our true potential.

Irrational fears can be instilled into us after an unpleasant situation (often during early life) or they can be picked-up or conditioned from another individual's experience. Whichever the case may be these phobias are governed by your unconscious mind therefore hypnosis can have a powerful effect on the elimination of the phobia.

Whatever the phobia may be (Fear of flying, elevators, open/closed spaces, spiders etc.), these irrational fears may delay you from achieving your aspirations. Clinical hypnosis can be employed to isolate how and from where the irrational phobia was instilled from and the fear response can be dissociated from the situation (whatever your phobia may be). This results in the unconscious mind no longer responding to the situation in the harsh fearful way that it previous did.

1)  Weight Loss

Sometimes it is hard to go to the gym often. Sometimes it is hard to control our binge-eating or give up chocolates. We can all agree with this to some extent.With all these distractions keeping you from attaining your ideal weight goal it is still possible to achieve your desired weight. 

Hypnosis has been used by many individuals to lose weight effectively. You may be lazy to go to the gym often, with hypnosis it is easily possible to implant powerful suggestions to help one stick to their workout regime. Not only can this be easily done but one can really begin to enjoy working out and going for a run, after all 'lack of motivation' is in the mind. 

If binge-eating is your issue, hypnosis can fix that as well. Hypnotic suggestions work effectively on the unconscious mind and these suggestions can be tailor made for you to help control your cravings, stick to and enjoy your diet. Perhaps you eat much more than your body needs, instead of physical liposuction one can  undergo hypnotic liposuction which is non-invasive and completely easily reversible! Eat only what is required, control your eating habits and truly enjoy losing weight. You will begin to reap the benefits once you see yourself in the mirror after attaining your desired weight.

2) Abolish Addictions

As we go through life we may run into some challenges and as a result this can disrupt our overall mood. To distract ourselves from the "bad feelings" accompanied by these obstacles we tend to resort to something that would give us pleasure and therefore distract us from those "bad feelings" thereby giving us a temporary feeling of easement. 

After a period of time we end up relying on or becoming dependent (sometimes without even realising it) on these. Be it alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gambling or any other form of addiction. These tend to distract us from the underlying "bad feeling". These "bad feelings" may be linked to an underlying suppressed issue perhaps from the past or perhaps it could be a habit.

Clinical hypnosis can be used therefore to access the root cause of an addiction to allow us to figure out what is the underlying cause  of the "bad feeling". Once this is identified, hypnotherapeutic techniques (such as suggestion, regression and Ericksonian therapy) may be employed to rectify this issue resulting in the "bad feeling" being dissolved which in turn can dissolve the need for the distraction thereby abolishing the addiction.

3) Pain Management

There are many ways one can manage their pain. Some prefer the use of prescribed medication, but many do not realise that pain can be effectively managed using hypnotherapy. In fact one of the first uses of hypnotherapy was during surgical operations where individuals were completely anaesthetised without the use of any other forms of medication! Hypnosis has been used effectively as a natural form of mental anaesthetic for millennia.


Pain is in the mind, when one experiences pain it is due to pain receptors in the affected area firing signals to the brain thereby causing the feeling of discomfort in the damaged area. Since this is all governed by the unconscious mind, hypnosis can be effectively used to manage the pain signals that these receptors signal to the brain.

This could could be used for Arthritis, Neuralgia, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Fribromyalgia, Cancer or any form of acute or chronic pain including management of pain after surgery.

6) Stress Management

Sometimes we may become so overwhelmed that we may not get a single opportunity to rest and relax and do something that we enjoy. As this happens more often our stress tends to build up causing many other problems in our lives. 

Stress is one of the biggest factors that contribute to various emotional and health issues including heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and even diabetes in extreme cases. Relaxation is a powerful tool to eliminate stress from your life.

Clinical hypnosis can be used to identify deeper and hidden causes for stress in your life and it involves using powerful therapeutic techniques and relaxation which can help manage and alleviate the stress you feel. Managing one's stress is of paramount importance to living a healthier, happier and more successful life.

7) Traumas from the past

We all have a past. To some extent we are all haunted by our past but sometimes traumatic memories can linger on for many years and cause havoc in our physical, emotional and professional life. These memories lie buried deep in the unconscious mind and slowly begin to emotionally drain you of your vitality and zest for life which can lead to even bigger emotional and physical issues.

These buried memories can be accessed  safely using hypnosis and one can come to terms with their past.  Through dissociation the trauma can be cleared thereby allowing one to let go of that memory thereby preventing further emotional turmoil from the buried memory.

If not managed and resolved a traumatic past can control your thoughts, control your emotions, control your well-being and run your life. It is important that you gain control of your life and your happiness.

8) Altering habits/behaviours

The unconscious mind governs all our habits and behaviours from our likes/dislikes to our learned responses. Be it altering responses such as stuttering/stammering, nail biting, twitching, gurning or perhaps wanting to gain a beneficial habit such as waking up earlier in the morning, eating healthier, sports performance, sexual endurance, improving your musical ability, memory or artistic creativity. 

Your mind governs your bodily responses, your mind controls your emotions, your mind dictates your ability to perform in any situation. Clinical hypnosis works with the mind therefore it is easily possible to safely amend certain behaviours  to your liking for the intended purpose. There are no drawbacks.

Many celebrities, leaders and successful business men and women have used hypnosis to their advantage to gain and improve the necessary habits, behaviours and skills paramount for their success.

9) Anxiety

As our days become busier and we run into challenges, our worries tend to develop. Worrying lies in the mind, our anxiety will not solve the problem in fact it'll only make it worse and drive us further away from the solution.

If our anxiety is not managed this can eventually lead to overthinking and over analysing situations which can cause serious complications in our social interactions and our work. 

By discovering what worries us and where these anxieties are coming from it is possible to eliminate and inhibit the effect of these anxieties thereby allowing us to finally live, work and interact more peacefully. 

10) Recover lost/hidden memories

As previously mentioned, every little memory you have ever experienced in your life, ever little detail is stored deep in your unconscious mind. Some memories may have been distorted or hidden away regardless, hypnosis can be used to access these memories.

Perhaps you wanted to re-experience what it was like to be a child or uncover an important memory that you have forgotten or has become distorted throughout the ages.

Regression is a technique used in hypnosis which allows anyone to go back in time in their mind while in the state of hypnosis and recover a memory which had long been buried within the depths of the mind. Another powerful technique used is revivification which allows an individual to actually experience a moment in time of their life as if it was happening this very instant.

There are a number of benefits and advantages of using hypnosis. What we have discussed above is only a few of the many complications that hypnosis can be used for. The list goes on. If you have any questions regarding Clinical Hypnosis please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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