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Online School of self-transformation


Online or in-person training on a number of basic to advanced courses on various subjects. Courses can be either One-on-one or in a group setting.

Cultivating Personal Magnetism - Become a Magnetic Individual

6 Week Course (6 one-on-one Classes)

- One 2 hour class per week for 6 weeks, Online or In-person

Charisma is something that can be developed. You do not need to be born with it. The greatest of women and men were "magnetic" they had an aura about them. An attractiveness that was beyond any form of physical attraction. 

This form of energetic attraction is what is known as personal magnetism. Anyone can develop personal magnetism with the right understanding, training and practice. There is a sophisticated and ancient science of becoming a powerfully magnetic individual.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about developing personal magnetism. It is composed of theory and many practices to cultivate the gaze, the voice, the touch and the exuberant presence of a powerfully magnetic individual.

You will be guided in learning how to develop conscious charisma, so that you may move an audience, inspire a nation or simply be noticed at will. We are all capable of this.

This course will focus heavily on the hidden knowledge and the energetic practices that will allow you to cultivate, strengthen and control your personal magnetism.

In this 6 week course we shall be covering the following topics:-

  • What is Personal Magnetism?

  • The all pervading life energy, how to cultivate it.

  • Cultivating Tension Energy

  • Exercises to activate and develop the aura.

  • Learning to expand and contract the aura

  • Developing a hypnotic magnetic gaze.

  • Developing an alluring magnetic voice.

  • Developing a powerful magnetic touch.

  • Breathwork and energy intensive techniques to raise your energy.

  • Presence, Finding the center where the impossible become possible.

  • Changing your internal state.

  • Changing the state of an environment.

  • Techniques to increase our will power.

If you wish to sign up or for more information:-

Email : 

Call or text : +44 777 859 4658


Ann M. M.

I have just completed the Cultivating Personal Magnetism course and I have found it be an amazing journey. Harold is warm, welcoming and deeply engaging. His knowledge and understanding of the subject matter goes above and beyond what I have seen in the literature. This is the real deal. I felt every word and every practice became a deep re-membering of who I am. This is not just a magnetism course it is a course for spiritual evolution. I know deep in my soul that this teaching is profound and Harold was able to deliver what my soul had been looking for. It's been adventure into the mystery of myself and the mystery of the One Great Sprit. Thankyou Harold. I'll see you for more courses very soon. AM.M

Emre C.

These courses are life changing .Harold gives you a both an intellectual understanding as well as practices do be able to experience it all on a deep level.Your life will genuinely change after taking these courses and you will be the creator of your reality.

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