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Ancient methods of Non - Verbal Hypnosis 

Mesmerism/Magnetism: Inner_about
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Mesmerism/Magnetism is an ancient, natural and powerful form of non-verbal hypnosis which can promote personal and mental empowerment within individuals.

Franz Anton Mesmer theorised that there was present a natural energetic transference that occurs between all inanimate and animated objects which he named "animal magnetism". This ancient science although rediscovered by Mesmer has been present for many millennia since the time of ancient Egypt and transmitted and taught by word of mouth.

Differences between Hypnosis and Mesmerism/Magnetism:

  1. Clinical Hypnosis involves the use of verbal suggestions whereas Mesmerism involves non-verbal suggestions alongside the use of energy or "life-force" (Chi, Ki and prana in the east). This energy/life-force is a natural expression of the "primal" part of human kind.

  2. Mesmerism/magnetism involves using the concepts of animal mind and the logical mind while hypnosis deals with the conscious and the unconscious mind.

  3. Mesmeric therapy/healing is brought about by the removal of energy blockages of the natural animal (mind) part of an individual.


Mesmerism/Magnetism is incredibly effective in treating a countless number of physical, mental and emotional ailments! Leave us a message or please call us to find out more!

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