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Self - Hypnosis 101

In this article, I shall describe how anyone can learn to do self-hypnosis to create amazing changes within themselves along with some of the many benefits of doing self-hypnosis on a regular basis. also included are some affirmations to use during your personal self-hypnosis session.

Before we begin, if you'd like to know more about how hypnosis works have a look at The science of Hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is a tool we can learn which can be used to make long-lasting and tremendous changes in our being. Simply using self-hypnosis we are learning to alter our state of consciousness to a state in which we can plant suggestions into our subconscious mind so that the subconscious minds can carry it out and make necessary changes in ourselves.

We have already discussed in "The science of Hypnosis" how this works. We know that when we are experiencing what is known as a "trance state" the barrier between our conscious mind and subconscious mind is thin and therefore we can consciously plant suggestions into our subconscious mind. This "trance state" is no different than the state we are in during meditation. It is a completely natural state of mind. You do not lose consciousness, in fact you are more aware of what is going on and have more control over yourself. We even naturally fall into this "trance state" just before we fall asleep (known as the hypnogogic state) and just preceding waking up (known as the hypnopompic state) therefore it is a perfectly safe and natural state, no one has ever gotten stuck in such a state. The worst thing that could happen is that you fall asleep and wake up feeling amazing.

Moving forwards, the suggestions we plant into our subconscious mind are known as "affirmations". These affirmations involve repeating a constructed phrase a number of times while in a trance state in order to implant the affirmation into the depths of the subconscious mind. If we want to make this even more powerful we can incorporate visualisation along with mental affirmation of a constructed phrase.

Self-hypnosis technique

1) Find a place where you can be alone for just a few minutes.

2) Comfortably sit down or lie down and close you eyes.

3) Imagine that you are on top of a staircase containing 20 steps going down. Make this visualisation as vivid as possible, actually feel the steps beneath your feet.

4) Tell yourself mentally that with each step you go down these stairs you are going deeper and deeper.

5) Now take your time, take breath in and on the breath out count 20 and take one step down, follow with another breath in and then on the breath out counting down 19 whilst taking another step down the staircase.

6) Continue in this manner all the way down to 1 and when you reach the bottom of the staircase imagine being in front of a door, on the other end of this door is just the presence of light. Open the door and walk into the light.

7) Now you should be in a light-medium state of trance, you will feel very relaxed.

8) Now begin repeating your affirmation of your choice mentally with will-power and vigor, to make this even more powerful accompany this affirmation with an appropriate visualisation.

For self-hypnosis to be very effective it must be done everyday for a long period of time. You can do this before sleep or early morning. Never do Self-hypnosis while driving or while carrying out an activity that requires focus.

I have written below some affirmations that you may find useful along with a visualisation to accompany it but remember you can construct your own affirmations for whatever it is you want to improve within yourself.

Useful Affirmations


Affirmation - Day by day in every way I am becoming more confident.

Visualisation - Imagine yourself (in first person) standing up straight with a big wide smile, speaking in public with a loud and confident voice and every one keenly listening to what you have to say.

Great Sleep

Affirmation - I sleep soundly, pleasantly and happily, all night, every night and I wake up happily and pleasantly in the morning feeling refreshed.

Visualisation - Imagine yourself waking up in the morning feeling energised and refreshed, feeling gratitude for the amazing sleep you've been getting every night.


Affirmation - I am truly grateful that all distractions disappear as I focus on what I am doing.

Visualisation - Imagine yourself carrying out a task you wish to focus more on and imagine yourself and that task being the only thing that exist in the universe at that moment.


Affirmation - Peace and serenity is embodied in my being.

Visualisation - Imagine yourself smiling and glowing a divine blue or gold colour while you visualise yourself interacting in various situations in your life.


Affirmation - I am a divine expression of life, I love and appreciate myself where I am right now.

Visualisation - Imagine yourself glowing, smiling and happy being you, doing what you love doing most.

Difference between Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is tool you can use at home to change small behaviors and get you closer to solving your problems and reaching your ultimate potential. Although there is a lot you can do with self-hypnosis, it takes a much longer time than going to see a professional hypnotherapist where you would see rapid changes within 1-3 sessions only.

In Clinical Hypnotherapy since an external person is taking you into the trance state it is possible to reach deeper states where the therapeutic work can be done much faster and much more effectively by a professional who will also be equipped with other hypnotherapeutic techniques (such as regression) that will tremendously aid in whatever therapeutic work that is needed. While in self-hypnosis since you are taking yourself into that state it can be harder for one to reach the deeper states of mind.

Therefore, Self-hypnosis is most powerful when used in conjunction with hypnotherapy as the therapeutic work done in a hypnotherapy session can be reinforced and desired results will be seen even quicker than expected.

Practice your self-hypnosis everyday and see the many improvements you can make within yourself. Bringing you closer and closer to your ultimate potential.

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