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Online School of self-transformation


Online or in-person training on a number of basic to advanced courses on various subjects. Courses can be either One-on-one or in a group setting.

Fundamentals of Reality Creation Course

8 Week Course (8 Classes)

- One 2 hour class per week for 8 weeks, Online or In-person

We are creators, whether we are aware of it or not since the day we were born we have been creating our reality. Fate is defined as the experiences we encounter in life that is predetermined and out of our control. Destiny is defined as the experiences of life which we can take control of and ensure that we experience. 

The "Fundamentals of Reality Creation" course  is an in-depth, informative and very practical course which teaches the student how to take control of his or her own destiny.

A course containing many powerful tools and concepts to begin to understand ourselves and our reality in such a powerful way so that we can begin to take hold of the steering wheel and drive our way towards our dream life and most powerful selves.

The concept that we as human beings have the power to create our own reality was made famous by the book "The Secret" which describes this process as the "Law of Attraction". 

This course will go "BEYOND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION" as we shall be delving into the very core of where the law of attraction actually comes from. Those books do not teach you everything. The origin of those teaches go all the way back to many millennia ago to ancient Egypt.

The tradition we shall be delving deep into is that of the sacred and powerful sciences of Hermeticism. Where all these teachings are present for the aspiring student who wishes to take control of his or her reality.

In this 8 week course we shall be covering the following topics:-

  • The Quantum Reality - What is reality, how does it work? how do we have the power to create reality?

  • The power of thoughts and emotions - How to take control of them and use them.

  • The planes of reality.

  • The energy body/astral double - what is it? why is it important?

  • Presence - The place of infinite power, the eternal "NOW".

  • The 7 Hermetic Principles - The 7 Laws of life.

  • Energy manipulation - How do we feel and take control of the life energies around us to create reality.

  • The Energy ball manifestation technique - Reality creation technique.

  • The Elements - Spirit, Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

  • Mastering the Elements within us - Balancing and tapping into the elements within.

  • Elemental manifestation - Create reality using Fire, air, water and earth.

  • Purification - Cleansing and cleaning our energy body.

  • Cultivating personal power or personal magnetism - Develop "conscious" Charisma.

  • Internal state mastery.

  • Using belief as a tool.

  • Techniques to increase our will power.

  • The importance of food.

  • Divination.

  • Energizing practices - Practices that hyper charge and awaken our energetic system.

  • Energetic Anatomy.

If you wish to sign up or for more information:-

Email : 

Call or text : +44 777 859 4658


Vidusha S

The Fundamentals of reality creation Course has by far been one of the most enlightening courses I have taken. I am truly grateful for having Harold as my coach and guide on this journey. From basic knowledge to advanced techniques, I obtained the desired tools/guidance that is optimum for my wellbeing and that of others. Thank you a lot. Namaste!

Bhavishka S

A big thank you to Harold for the course on fundamentals on reality creation. This course has open a door to a new world for me. I have gained so much knowledge through this course which help me in my day to day life. The tools given my Harold help me deal with my anxiety, my overthinking mind, and also helps me grow as a person. The experience has been a wonderful and amazing one and I would recommend someone who is interested in knowing more about energy, law of universe and other very important technique to go for it. Harold thank you for being an amazing teacher. Your passion for your work shows through the difference you made in peoples life.

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