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Pranic Healing

Natural and effective energy healing (alternative) therapy

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Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and effective system of energy healing/ alternative medicine that utilises life-force (Prana, Chi, Ki etc.) to harmonize, balance and transmute the body's energetic system.

There is an electromagnetic field encompassing each individual known as the auric field (or aura). This aura is a part of the human energy body (subtle body). The energy body is linked to the physical body where any changes that occur in the energy body causes change in the physical body and vice versa. Energy is absorbed by the energy body and distributed to the physical body, muscles, organs, glands and bones.

Energy Healing

The Pranic Healer is not required to make physical contact as the healing work is being done on the energy body.

Physical ailments first begin to appear as an energetic imbalance in the individuals energy body before they appear on the physical body. Once these energetic imbalances are re-balanced by the pranic healer, the physical symptoms of the ailment disappears. A very powerful mode of healing. Pranic healing is incredibly effective for a range of physical, mental and emotional problems.

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