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Is Past Life Regression Real?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used to make profound and dramatic positive change within an individual by gaining access and working with the Unconscious mind. An incredibly profound and rare use of hypnosis is to cause healing by accessing the root of a problem that may have occurred beyond this lifetime. Do you believe in past lives? Is it really possible that a problem that we've had all our life is due to something that took place before we were born? Let's explore this fascinating topic of past lives.

If we look at everything in existence. Everything takes place in cycles. At a given location, the sun rises in the morning, it is high above at noon, it sets in the evening and at midnight it is on the other side of the earth, then once again the next day it rises bring about a new day.

A seed in the right conditions may grow into a plant that bears fruit, the fruit contains the seed, that is then scattered and the plant dies and the new seeds grow into a plant once again and the cycle continues.

A large playground may exist for 10 years, until then it is expanded into a school which lasts for 50 years and then it is torn down to build a shopping mall after 60 years that shopping mall becomes a hotel which lasts 70 years until it is then abandoned and broken down and converted into a park with grass and trees.

In some strange way what started as playground went through many incarnations and ended up as a park.

In this same way is is possible that we as human beings living a human existence have actually lived many times before and our consciousness is never destroyed and awareness continues on after death taking with it impressions of our "actions".

The term "Karma" in Sanskrit means "action". We live in a world full of cycles and these cycles take place out in the physical world, within our mind and also our bodies. These particular cycles are dictated by "cause and effect". There is a certain "cause" that you've done that has lead you here to this article, which is in fact the "effect". In the same way our entire lives right now whether it is positive or negative, is the effect of a cause.

Eastern traditions and ancient western traditions acknowledge the cyclical nature of our earthly lives and the immortal nature of our consciousness. According to yoga, our Karma is what binds us to physical existence and all that brings us pleasure or pain is the result of our actions (karma). So for this reason if there is something that ails us, and we've tried all our lives to solve this particular issue, and we can't seem to find where the root is, is it possible it is due to our actions from the past?

With hypnosis we can gain access to the unconscious mind, that intelligent aspect of yourself that controls your heartbeat, you don't have to keep beating your heart to keep yourself alive, it is done for you. In this same way your unconscious mind is responsible or maintaining various bodily processes, O2 levels, CO2 level, PH, body temperature etc. In addition to this your unconscious mind has access to all of your memories, even those memories that you do not remember. Using hypnotherapy I have worked with clients who have regressed back to being in their mothers womb. You may have consciously forgot how it was like to be in your mother's womb however the unconscious mind never forgets.

In this same way to use a more Jungian approach, our individual unconscious minds are connected to a much broader and greater mind known as the "Collective Unconscious Mind" coined by Carl Gustav Jung. This collective unconscious mind has access to a store house of memory almost like a library with filing cabinets with every life you have lives and every memory from the past. Some may even call this "library" the "Akashic Records".

With Hypnosis, we can gain access to this storehouse of memory and through the unconscious mind with the help of the collective unconscious mind we are able to access the root of a problem that may have been created during a time beyond this time. The individual going through this experience can be guided to recover these memories and using the various therapeutic tools available in hypnotherapy, the specific problem can be processed and the karma cleared. After the connection is severed to the past life event that caused the specific problem the individual can undergo profound healing.

A truly powerful tool that is rarely understood or used to overcome problems that have ailed an individual for all their life. Past life regression can also be used as a tool for spiritual exploration or growth depending on the needs of the seeker. Energy is never created nor destroyed, it is only transformed. Perhaps such is the nature of our consciousness. Never was it created and never is it destroyed, it only is transmuted from one state to another.

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