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Course 1: COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety Management Using Self-Hypnosis

COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety Management Using Self-Hypnosis
Harold Wijetunge

COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety Management Using Self-Hypnosis

The current COVID-19 crisis is causing quite the upheaval. Stress and Anxiety has globally increased due to the fear caused by the Corona Virus. It is of fundamental importance during these uncertain times that we know how to look after our minds and reduce the anxiety and stress caused by this crisis.


Self-Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful and natural technique that has completely transformed my life. I use it everyday to manage my own Anxieties and stress along with the Anxieties and stress of my clients who are all looking for ways to deal with the emotional turmoil caused by the Corona virus outbreak. This is what has lead me to create this course so that the world can benefit with this knowledge.


Successfully manage your stress and anxieties easily at home with Self - Hypnosis. In this course you will learn:-

- What is Hypnosis? 

- The misconceptions of Hypnosis

- The science of hypnosis (Conscious vs. Unconscious mind)

- How does Hypnosis reduce anxiety and stress?

- Powerful and effective Self - Hypnosis technique

- Ways to formulate Hypnotic suggestions (for stress, anxiety and all other aspects including confidence, motivation, focus and much more!)

- Additional techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and overthinking


Take control of your life using Self - Hypnosis, this technique can be used not only to reduce anxiety and stress but also to change your life and habits and behaviours which you thought you'd be stuck with forever! All this and more is explained in detail in this course so you may begin to transform yourself with Self-hypnosis now.

You shall be redirected to a page where you can download the course files.

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