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How can we heal the body?

Our physical body is what modern science is very familiar with, composed of blood vessels, nerves, muscles , organs and bones. The physical body can be separated in to 11 organ systems including the integument, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. Here in this article we shall look at how we can heal our bodies by understanding the fundamental connection between the mind and energetic system to the physical body.

Modern medicine has done phenomenal work in mapping out the physical body and treating many ailments by using external substances or surgical procedures. These have had much success in treating or diminishing the symptoms of a problem or an ailment usually with repercussions or side effects.

The human body fundamentally can heal itself. The question is how do we tap into the infinite source of healing that lies within us?

First we need to understand how physical ailments manifest energetically and mentally. Similar to our physical body we also have an "Energy body" composed of Chakras (Energetic centers) and 72000 Nadis (Meridians or channels). As described in more detail in my article on "Energetic Anatomy", these Chakras, though non-physical in nature are linked to a physical organ or organ system. Nadis or meridians run throughout the body and allow the flow of vital energy (known as prana or chi) to enable the healthy functioning of the body. When an imbalance occurs in one of the chakras or a blockage manifests in one of the nadis (channels) energy cannot flow properly and therefore the corresponding physical organ or part will be either deprived or overstimulated with this prana or vital energy.

These blockages or imbalances can lead to the formation of various symptoms. As the energetic system is no long at "ease" we hence experience "dis-ease" (Disease).

If we begin to develop self-awareness of our bodies we can notice where these various blockages may tend to manifest within us during a period of 'dis-ease'. For example, if you have a sore throat, it is often likely there is an imbalance in the throat chakra (Known as the Visuddha in Sanskrit) but also there may be other blockages that are manifesting in various parts of the body that is obstructing the flow of energy to the throat. By lying down or sitting comfortably and closing our eyes and bringing our awareness to our body. We can begin to "Scan" our body from the top of our head very slowly down to the tips of our toes, bringing our awareness to each part, paying close attention to how each part of our body feels. we can notice where these blocks tend to be present within us, these could feel like a sensation of pressure, tightness or tension.

A powerful way to heal our body is by bringing our awareness to the area of discomfort or tension, let us say we are experiencing some pain in our shoulders, by scanning our body we notice there is some tension and a pressure manifesting in our shoulder blade, by releasing this blockage we can open the flow of vital energy to our shoulders thereby kick starting the body's natural healing process.

Using the same example above how we would do this is bring our awareness to the point of tension (shoulder blade) and then imagine that specific point "breathing in" healing, soothing and calming energy and "breathing out" dirty, diseased and old energy. "Where attention goes, energy flows". Our awareness is a powerful tool which we can use to self-heal, by using our awareness and breath in this manner with repetition we can clear our many physical, mental and emotional blocks that manifest on our body thereby reducing and/or completely treating ailments that tend to manifest due to these blockages.

Although self-healing can be done by anyone at home, to effectively and easily dissolves these blockages and re-balance the energy body. Pranic healing is a powerful form of therapy which can be used. Pranic healing can be used to work on a specific ailment and help clear and re-balance the energetic centers that are involved in the manifestation of the ailment. Or simply seeing a pranic healer for maintenance of the energy body (General cleanse) can be very beneficial in reducing anxiety, stress, pain and improving vitality, vigor, immunity and strength of the body.


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