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Personal Magnetism- How to become a magnetic individual

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

What is personal magnetism? We all have seen those individuals who are so influential that they capture the attention of the entire room. Anyone can develop personal magnetism if they know how to. Some people have it in them, while some have to learn how to develop it. In this article we shall discuss how you can become a powerful magnetic individual.

Some individuals are so charismatic that their entire being glows with inner power. Their voice booms with strength, their eyes shine like the sun and their presence enthralls everyone in the room. This is the power of a magnetic individual.

You may have heard of a known concept called the aura. As we have covered in "Energetic anatomy", the aura is a bio-electric field. This field may be super charged using various practices which causes this field to become highly resonant and magnetic. Some individuals are naturally magnetic and exhibit this auric quality unconsciously, while most people must learn to develop this magnetism.

A magnetic individual is like the sun, a powerful emitter of radiant energy which naturally allows the planets to orbit and be energised by this brilliant energy. In the same way the magnetic individual will draw towards them people who become attracted to their energetic field.

Some of the most magnetic individuals include many celebrities, freedom fighters, presidents, CEOs and spiritual leaders. Individuals who are renowned for their charisma. The magnetic individual is a powerful influence in every conversation, in every room and in every situation. It is those who have developed personal magnetism that draws towards them followers, disciples and students who wish to learn their ways.

This is not magic. This is science. All one must do is learn to super charge the living battery that each individual is. We are all emitters of energy. Below I shall describe a couple of techniques anyone can use to supercharge their aura and increase their personal magnetism. Just like every other exercise this requires repetition and practice over a long period of time similar to working out in the gym in order to develop such a charged energy field.

Muscle Tension exercises

One way of developing personal magnetism is by carrying out a set of exercises daily which are known as muscle tension exercises.

I would like you to try this as you read this sentence. Lift up you right hand straight in front of you and make a fist and squeeze and tense up all the muscles in your arm that you can until you feel your arm slightly trembling. This slight trembling will be achieved if you tense your muscles hard enough. Your muscles are releasing a form of tension energy when this vibration is exhibited by the tensing of the muscles. You must breathe for a set amount of time while tensing your muscles and then when you slowly relax your muscles you should breathe out. If done correctly you will feel a tingling sensation around the area which you tensed and relaxed. This is the release of tension energy which is super charging your energetic field. This exercise is also very vitalising and will remove any surface negative energy and resupply your muscles with fresh vitalising energy. This exercise must be done with many sets of muscles so let's get right to it.

1. Stand up straight with your feet about shoulder width apart.

2. Keep your eyes open and just glaze at a spot on a wall.

3. Lift up your arms by your sides and start slowly tensing all the muscles in your arms and making your hands into fists, squeeze very slowly until they are completely tensed and you feel your arms vibrating with tension. While you do this you want to breathe in for 7 seconds.

4. Now hold your breath and maintain this tensed muscle state for 3 seconds.

5. Now breathe out for 7 seconds and slowly begin relaxing your arms.

6. Now hold your breath for 3 seconds once more and then repeat this exercise 6 more times for a total of 7 times. When you are tensing your arms make sure the other muscles on your body are as relaxed as they can be.

7. Now repeat the same mechanics of the above exercise but with your legs by squatting down and tensing your thighs, knees, calves and your toes by pushing your toes towards the ground as if you were digging into sand with your toes. Repeat with the upper body and the neck and face muscles in the same way. Repeat this 7 times. Finally finish off by tensing all the muscles of your body in the same manner simultaneously do this twice. This whole exercise should take you a total of 5-6 minutes.

Auric Control

The next type of exercise one must practice is learning to become aware of your aura and learning to expand and contract your aura with will. The tension exercises will supercharge your aura and with auric control you shall willfully be able to take control of this charged aura so you may begin to use it according to your will in various situations.

Exercise 1: The auric sphere

1. Find a comfortable quiet place where you can lie down and be alone for a little while.

2. Lie down flat with your legs together and arms by your sides, close your eyes.

3. Pay attention to your breath and take 5-6 deep breaths in and out to get you into a relaxed state.

4. Now, imagine that your body is in a sphere of violet light. bring you awareness to the "empty space" between your skin and the walls of the imagined sphere. What you are learning to do is to feel your aura.

5. Focus your attention on this empty space without being distracted, if a thought comes into mind just acknowledge it and move back onto concentrating on the empty space around you. Do this for 2-3 minutes.

Exercise 2: Auric expansion/contraction

1. Find a comfortable quiet place where you can lie down and be alone for a little while.

2. Lie down flat with your legs together and arms by your sides, close your eyes.

3. Bring your awareness to your arms, imagine your arms are becoming smaller and smaller (while the rest of your body remains the same) until they're so tiny you can barely see them, do this slowly.

4. Once you've done this imagine your arms becoming bigger and bigger until they're back to normal size and now even bigger than you, your bed, the room, the world and expand your arms till you can imagine them being bigger than all of creation, remember to take your time.

5. Once your arms are as big as the universe, imagine them getting small and returning and stopping when they're back to their original size.

6. Repeat the above mechanics for your legs, your torso and your head.

7. Once the separate parts of your body are done, imagine your whole body contracting and expanding as specified above.

8. Soon (if you've been practicing) you shall actually feel yourself contracting and expanding, your physical body will remain the same but your energy body will be expanding and contracting. This is because energy follows thought (where attention goes energy flows). Your will shall influence the size of your energy body and you will have gained auric control.

The above exercises if done daily will seriously boost your personal magnetism and you shall notice the changes as you begin to go outside and interact in the social realm. You shall notice you have become more like-able and approachable. People seems to be drawn to you and want to listen to what you have to say. This is the power of personal magnetism. In articles to come I shall describe how to use the above exercise to actually use personal magnetism in social and business situations. The potential uses of this form of mental development is endless. Until then, practice makes perfect.

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