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Your Emotions - The creative force

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

You attract what you are. The emotions you feel may physically be chemical reactions taking place in your brain. On the other hand, energetically your emotions are powerful vibratory frequencies that have the potential of attracting into your life many situations. The question is what are our emotions creating in our life? Peace or havoc? We shall discover today how and why we must learn to take better control of our emotions and why we must merge emotion with thought (force+form) to create our reality.

EMOTION. E - motion = Energy in Motion.
The different frequencies of positive and negative emotions
Emotions and their frequencies

As we have previously discussed in "The quantum reality" article, the universe is composed of mainly energy vibrating at various frequencies. In this same manner, our emotions too are a form of energy resonating at a specific frequency.

The so called "positive" emotions have a much higher vibratory frequency than the "negative" emotions and therefore when you experience an emotion, you yourself are shifting into the vibration of the emotion you are embodying and thereby pull towards you by the law of resonance (as described in "The power of Thought") situations and outcomes that have a similar vibration to the state you are in.

When an individual is in a state of anger, immediately the person shifts into the vibratory frequency of anger (150 Hz) and therefore begins to emanate these frequencies out into the universe and would therefore begin to draw towards them more situations that will cause them anger along with more people with similar angry tendencies as they have embodied.

In this same manner, the individual who is full of love would be resonating at a much higher frequency as they will be emanating the frequencies of love (500 Hz) out into the universe and thereby attract towards them more situations and people who are embodying that frequency. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

It is quite common to be able to tell even without knowing someone whether they are full of love or stocked with anger because these emotional frequencies are being embodied by them and we as human beings are able to sense this in subtle ways. The person full of love would be shining brightly, beaming and emanating some form of inner beauty that will win the hearts of many around.

Emotions are incredibly powerful. If we want to become true masters of ourselves and our destinies we must learn to become aware of not only our thoughts but also our emotions. We must learn to identify when our mood changes and what external or internal stimuli caused this change to occur. Once we are able to notice when something has caused a disturbance in our balance, the next step is to willfully shift ourselves back into the vibration we prefer to embody in order to attract towards us what we prefer to experience. Are you embodying the vibration of success?

If we want to truly create our reality consciously, we must learn to mix the power of thoughts and emotion together to form an incredible tool which we can use for reality manifestation. Thoughts are the form. While emotions are the force. The energy contained within a thought is minute compared to the energy emanated by our emotions. Thoughts without emotion are like bodies without the soul. The emotion powers up and charges a thought making it lively and active. Using a thought by itself to manifest is the same as having a car with no fuel you wont get very far.

In conclusion, we can now understand why emotions play such an important role in our lives. If we become aware of our emotions and learn to change our emotions using our will to embody the vibratory state which is resonating at the frequency of what we wish to experience in life we can make enormous positive change in our lives and the lives of others. This is one major component of a system that will help you learn how to create your reality. It is only when we combine force and form that we truly begin to take hold of the steering wheel of life. In the next article we shall describe the Pranic Ball technique which can be used to combine force and form in order for us to take our next step in reality manifestation.


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