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Aero Manifestation - Create your reality using air

The second element we will be delving into to learn how to make changes to your reality is that of the element of Air. We breathe in air all the time and it is one of those vital elements required for our survival. Through understanding how to use air's alchemical properties we shall learn how to use it to empower ourselves and creates changes to our internal and external world.

We have already discussed the alchemical properties of air in the previous article "Introduction to the elements". We know that air is an active element just like fire and it is present all around us. The air we breathe in a physical standpoint is composed of many types of gases (Nitrogen 78%, Oxygen 21%, Argon 0.9%, Carbon Dioxide 0.04%) but what we are interested in is the metaphysical composition of the air we breathe. Metaphysically speaking, the air we breathe is composed of prana (vital energy or chi/ki).

As we have already covered in previous works, we know that prana can be programmed with intention and where our attention goes the energy flows (energy follows thought). What this means is that with our intention we are able to tap into the subtle energies (prana) present in the air around us using visualisation. Therefore, if we were to visualise a certain scenario that we wish to bring to us within the air around us and breathe it in while visualising the opposite in the air within us (what we want to rid ourselves of) and breathe it out. We have a powerful manifestation technique present here using the powers of air. Lets get right to it!

Aero-manifestation Technique

Manifesting using air: -

1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms by your sides.

2. Imagine energy around you and this energy is imbued with your desire, visualise around you in symbolic format the thing you wish to manifest. For example, if it is confidence imagine the energy around you and know it is the “energy of confidence” perhaps visualise it a brilliant blue colour.

3. Take a slow and deep breath for 4 seconds while visualizing that energy entering your body as if your entire body was breathing it in. Imagine your skin being like a sponge soaking up all that energy from all directions with each in-breath. With practice it may actually feel the sensation of air entering.

4. Hold this breath in for 4 seconds.

5. Now exhale for 4 seconds the opposite of this energy out, for example if you’re trying to manifest the feeling of confidence within you, you must breath out any shyness or nervousness. Visualise this dirty-green viscous energy leaving you with each out-breath (Any colours of your choosing can be used it does not necessarily have to be blue or dirty-green).

6. Hold your breath for 4 seconds and then repeat the cycle for no more than 4 minutes. So, this breathing exercise should be as smooth as possible 4s in- 4s hold- 4s out- 4s hold-repeat. The more you practice this the more results you will see.

How does it work?

By using our intent we are charging the prana in the air around to with our desire we do this by visualising our desire. As we breathe in the air charged with our desire our frequency changes to that of a similar frequency of the charged air. In this same manner we are charging the air within us with the frequency of what we want to rid ourselves of and sending it out therefore our frequency shifts away from the frequency of that intention. As we perform this often so we shift more and more into the frequency of what we desire and we shift away from what we want to banish away. Just like everything else this needs to be done over a long period of time but the results will amaze you.

Now, before we move onto manifesting using the elements of fire and earth we must first understand the use of symbolism and how symbolism is the language of the subconscious mind. Until next time, stay tuned.

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