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Belief: A powerful tool

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Why is believing in the process of manifestation required to get sufficient results? When one understands how to strengthen the muscle that is belief only then will one realise what a powerful tool belief is. Learn how to adopt beliefs in order to enhance your reality manifestation skills and more. This article is a continuation of previous articles on the quantum reality, thoughts, emotion and reality manifestation.

Belief is a miracle worker

Many clinical and scientific trials have been carried out to verify the successful effects of placebos. Trials were carried out where patients having similar symptoms were split into two groups, one group was given actual medication while the other group was given a "sugar pill" (which does not contain any substance that would improve their symptoms) while they were told they were given "real" medication.

Results showed that even patients who were given the sugar pill (placebo) were obtaining successful results and their symptoms began to disappear almost as if they had been given "real" medication. This shows us how powerful the mind really is. The mind "believing" that real medication was being admitted to the patients, the patients experienced real physiological changes through the power of belief.

This same principle applies to the concept of "luck". We as human beings have polarised luck into either "good luck" or "bad luck" and those who consider themselves "lucky" experience an ocean of "good luck" in their lives while those who believe that they are "unlucky" experience an avalanche of "bad luck". This was tested by the famous mentalist Derren Brown in his television program "The secrets of luck" I highly recommend everyone who hasn't seen it to check it out because it would seriously shine some light on the power of belief and how easily our luck can be changed just by changing our beliefs.

Luck is something that cannot be measured using any physical measuring device but it is something experiential. I am sure all of us know that one person who "has all the good luck" or your friend who "is just unlucky". If you happen to be "that friend who is just unlucky" remember you can change this instantly. Belief controls your luck. If you believe you are lucky you will see more and more situations that will confirm this. Believe otherwise and do not be surprised if you see plenty of evidence of this.

Just like luck, to see consistent results from reality manifestation we must believe in it. Belief is like a muscle it must be strengthened, if you do not believe you can achieve a specific goal or manifestation using reality manifestation techniques, it most likely wont bring you the desired result. Hence why I have stated the importance (in previous articles) of manifesting smaller items, goals or situations first, in order to strengthen your belief. As soon as this "little goal" manifests you will "know" that it works and therefore this belief muscle of yours becomes a little bit bigger and the more you manifest the bigger your belief muscle becomes and in no time you shall be creating your life and achieving your goals one after another.

Belief pulls into your reality the magical possibilities that lie "outside the box" or "outside your world". "Believing" is almost like opening a curtain in front of a window, you will never see the light behind that curtain and you will never experience the many possibilities that lie on the other side of that window if you never decide to open the curtains. Belief can open windows to new ways of perceiving and interacting with the world and your life. Remember, believing in manifestation can do no harm. It will only enhance your success so why not give it a go? All curtains can be closed if you do not like the light that shines through.

In conclusion, we can now see how belief can have serious effects on the mind and even our body! From fake medication producing powerful therapeutic results to the effects of luck affecting many situations in our lives, belief is a powerful tool that must be used effectively to open channels of power into our lives. When our belief muscle is strong we can achieve miracles in our lives.

Stay tuned for the next article which will be on the Planes of reality.

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