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The planes of reality

What we know as our reality we may call it the "physical plane" but it is not commonly known that we as conscious beings exist in many planes simultaneously at the present moment. We shall discuss this concept in details and how it applies to the system of reality manifestation that we have presented in previous articles.

The Physical Plane

Our physical eyes are accustomed only to perceive light wave frequencies which are only within the "visible region" of the electromagnetic spectrum (as shown below in figure 1). Therefore our naked eyes can only perceive light of these frequencies and a combination of these visible light rays are detected by our retina in our eyes to allow us to "see" the physical world around us. In actuality the air around us would be filled not only with these frequencies of light but also Gamma rays, X-rays, UV light, Wi-Fi signals, Infrared and radio waves etc.

Figure 1

If we were somehow able to tap into the inner workings of our eyes and be able to detect frequencies shorter than or longer than the wavelength of the "visible region" of the electromagnetic spectrum, the world as we saw it would be entirely different. We would see infrared waves, we would be able to see Wi-Fi signals and many other things in the air all around us.

Now although we cannot physically perceive these electromagnetic waves we still know that they exist all around us. We know they are just a form of energy resonating at different frequencies (Click here to learn more about the Quantum Reality). All these frequencies form what we call the physical plane or the physical world. We know what exists in the physical plane because we can perceive the physical world through the 5 apertures we call our senses. In this physical reality energy is as its densest as it takes on the forms of either solid, liquid, gas or plasma. We experience the phenomenon known as "time" in this physical plane and events are ordered by it. Energy is also limited to the speed of light and space in this plane takes on a constant structure. This is our world as we know it.

Non-physical Planes

The physical plane is the densest plane where energy is at its densest and most solid form. The non-physical realities are when energy tends to become more fluid rather than solid as energy begins to vibrate at frequencies higher than that of solids, liquids, gases or plasma.

Let's use an example to get a feel for what I mean by a non-physical plane. Now I would like you to think of a black cat. Now as soon as you probably read that sentence you probably thought of "a black cat". Where was this black cat produced? You may say it is just a thought and it was produced in your "mind". This raises the question, where is your mind? Can you point to your mind right now? Commonly people will point at their head and say the mind is in my brain. The brain is what the mind uses to control your body and carry out thinking processes but the mind is not situated in the body or even in this physical world. The mind is "Non-physical" and is prevalent in a "Non-physical" plane.

Now, let us return to that cat, if we were to energetically break down the process, you had a "thought" of a black cat which is just a form of energy resonating at the frequency of what you think a black cat is. So right now in some far away plane you've created a black cat. In the world of thoughts. What I am trying to imply is the world of thoughts is not that far from us in fact we are living in that world as we speak.

When someone loses their ability to see, it is known that the other senses get strongly heightened. Now imagine hypothetically speaking, that you lost your sight, your hearing, your ability to smell, your ability to taste and even your ability to have any sensation whatsoever (feel). Since all your senses have been shut out the only thing left is your thoughts that are being generated, therefore you would see that black cat so clearly and vividly in front of you where you had that thought because since all your focus has drifted away from your senses it vivifies your thoughts and you can begin to perceive the thought plane which is a non-physical reality. In this state you will no longer be able to perceive your physical world and you will only experience the thought realm, or the etheric/astral planes.

Etheric plane

The first non-physical plane we are going to discuss as energy moves from a dense form to a more fluidic form is the etheric plane. This qualifies as a non-physical space because time and space begins to become erratic.

How would you perceive this reality if you were to imagine it? Well, if you were standing and perceiving the etheric plane you may see in front of you your old shoes which you got rid of yesterday and also your new shoes you are about to buy tomorrow. This is because time becomes inconsistent and begin to show its fluidic nature. The room may also appear of varying size or even back-to-front as space is also fluidic in this plane. Even though it may seem slightly off, compared to the physical plane it is very similar as energy is still limited to the speed of light and objects still retain their solidity.

Astral Plane

Also often known as the "thought plane", the astral plane is where you created that "black cat" because this is where thoughts are produced. Thoughts are non-physical energies and these are produced in the astral plane, when a thought has been given sufficient energy it becomes denser and denser until it cannot help but be manifested through logical means in the densest plane which is the physical plane.

In this plane energy is no longer restricted to the speed of light and may travel beyond. Objects are no longer solid, everything is fluid. Time no longer exists in this plane. The space in this plane is inconsistent and changes often. Let us use an example to explain further. If you were to tune yourself into the astral plane, you'd be able to pass through the walls and objects like a "ghost". Time is no longer a factor therefore you may see your great great grandfathers shoes in front of you and then suddenly it may change into your car and then the whole environment may become a grassy park. The reason for this bizarre change is because situations in this plane are brought about by the emotional intensity that connects people and things, what I mean by this is when you saw those shoes that belonged to your great great grandfather it may have been his favourite pair of shoes and you feel the same way about your car as he did with his shoes, now both these objects seem to ignite the same feeling unconsciously in both of you which was the feeling of standing in a grassy park therefore this "feeling" caused a change in the astral environment placing you in a "grassy park".

Mental Plane

As we delve into the planes of lower energy density the harder it becomes to comprehend. This plane is even more "non-physical" than the above as energy is no longer restricted by any limits whatsoever. Objects no longer remain in a constant shape or form. As above, time no longer exists. The space in this plane is defined by the distance between concepts and ideas as this plane is the world of ideas and concepts. In this plane, objects may jump from area to area and may even appear in more than one place simultaneously, sometimes objects lose their cohesiveness completely and no longer represents things at all. In this plane you may see your shoes at one point suddenly they may become huge and you're now a tiny person inside a large shoe and a long road starts wrapping around you leading to the sky and these shoes start walking up the road carrying you along with it. This may seem truly strange in a physical standpoint but in the "plane of ideas" this could mean that as one walks the path to self-realisation there is no limit to what they may find (the sky is the limit).

Spiritual Plane

A completely non-physical plane, the plane of spirit or consciousness. Energy is infinite and has no pattern it can be whatever and do whatever. Objects are absolutely formless. Space and time are completely non - existent. The only thing that exists here is the soul and the connections between each other. If you were standing in this plane, you would be pure consciousness there would be nothing else, no room, no shoes, no body, nothing but pure consciousness. All that can be done here in experience relationships to its maximum as you would interact with the pure unfiltered thoughts, emotions and energy of others. Language would not be needed, in this plane thoughts, energy and emotion would have a life of its own, completely independent of yourself but as the same time in unity with yourself. This is the most incomprehensible and alien plane from that of the physical due to it being completely formless and pure energy.


Beyond the spiritual plane we hit a dead end as our human brains will not be able to comprehend or even be able to conceptualise such a realm. With the planes we have discussed above we can begin to see how we exist in many planes of reality as we speak. Our physical body is composed of dense matter which is present in the physical plane, our etheric body lies in the etheric plane gluing our astral body (energy body or subtle body) which is present in the astral plane. Our mental body (mind) situated in the mental plane has access and links up the three bodies on the lower plane and finally this is all overseen by our consciousness or soul which is existing in the spiritual plane.

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