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The power of Thought - Create your world!

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

It is estimated that the average person has over 50,000 thoughts per day. How powerful are our thoughts? Can our thoughts influence our life? If so, how can we take control of our thoughts to help us take control of our life? We shall discuss these concepts and more in the perspective of quantum physics and energy.

"All that we are, is the result of all we have thought" - Gautama Buddha

To understand what is really meant by the above quote we must first understand that everything around us and our entire universe is made up mainly of energy (Click here to find out more).

What type of thoughts do you have? If we look at the life we created for ourselves, it is all a product of our thoughts.

When we produce a thought, our brain is resonating at a specific frequency and the thoughts we produce are therefore a form of energy also resonating at specific frequency. These thought can be measured using modern science.

Every thought we have is charged. Positive or negative. Why is it that the person who is always worried about illness somehow happens to always be ill? While, someone who is always talking about success and embodies success just happen to receive great opportunities and end up becoming successful. This is no coincidence. Our thoughts are energy, either positively charged or negatively charged, and the thoughts we have attract towards us what we are putting out.

Let us use an example, when you place two guitars (tuned to the same key and frequency) facing each other and play one open string, the equivalent string on the opposite guitar begins to resonate or vibrate even though it was never touched. This is commonly known as the The Law of Resonance.

In this similar manner our thoughts which are of a specific frequency attract towards us situations of a similar frequency (as everything is energy, even situations) by the law of resonance. This means that if we were to observe our daily thought-patterns we may notice that a large percentage of the thoughts we think are negative, and hence forth we would be attracting the situations in life we are trying to avoid.

Successful people either naturally or consciously think positively and hence forth attract to them the life and situations they would rather experience. Like attracts like.

We may have had decades of negative behaviour and thought patterns installed into us by others or by ourselves, how would we rectify this in order to gain better control of our thoughts and hence forth our life?

Thought Control (rejecting/accepting thoughts)

This simple exercise is a way for us to regain control of our thoughts and begin to consciously create our reality and better avoid any unnecessary situations that we are creating. Remember we are anyway creating our reality and drawing certain situations into our lives whether we are consciously aware of it or not. This is a technique to help us create consciously and this will also help us become more aware of what type of thoughts we are really thinking.

Negative thought rejection exercise:- Throughout your day become aware of what type of thoughts you are thinking, whenever you have a negative thought, immediately reject that thought by saying either out loud or in your mind "I reject that thought!" (it will be more effective if done out loud but still effective otherwise). Immediately once you've done this, replace that negative thought with a positive thought or a "positive -version" of that thought, afterwards lock this thought in by affirming either out loud or in your mind "I accept that thought!". The reason we should immediately replace a rejected negative thought with a positive one is because energetically when a thought is rejected there cannot be an empty space it needs to be filled with something or the negative thought will return. By placing a positive thought in its place this is avoided.

Doing this exercise once or twice is not going to do much. This is an exercise that must be done constantly and it must become a habit. See how much your life changes for the better once this has been done meticulously for three months. In the beginning it may become difficult to remember to do the exercise often but just like anything else with practice you will be doing it without realising it. Once you have reached this stage you will notice yourself running into more of the experiences in life you would like to have as you have now consciously taken hold of your thoughts. The power of this exercise alone is unfathomable unless you experience it yourself.

As we look around us we can see that every object ever created was once a thought! For a table to become a table the carpenter had to first think of it and by various physical and energetic means that thought manifested into reality. One cannot even begin to comprehend the power of our mind, let alone our thoughts. Master your thoughts, get one step closer to mastering yourself and your life. Consciously creating situations and success in our life is very simple and many people are doing it as we speak. Thoughts are the form and Emotions are the force. We shall elaborate on this in a future article.

Many people in the world refer to this as the "Law of attraction" as expressed in the famous book "The secret" by Rhonda Byrne but The Secret itself does not describe the process of manifestation in full. There is much more to the "Law of attraction" than has been written. I shall be referring to this process of creating reality as "Reality Manifestation". In subsequent posts we shall discuss bit by bit how we can begin to master the art of Reality Manifestation.

In the next article, we shall discuss the "Force" that is required for us to become successful reality manifestors and this force is the power of emotions!

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