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The Pranic Ball - Reality Manifestation Technique

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Here is a simple technique we can use to begin creating situations in our life that we wish to experience. We have built up upon the core concepts of force and form which we are now going to incorporate together. To understand how this technique works it is recommend you read the previous posts on Thoughts, Emotion and the Universe is energy. This is a technique absolutely anyone can use to create their reality. Let us commence!

"Imagination is your realisation of something that is on its way" - Abraham Hicks

As discussed in previous articles, everything is energy. Our Thoughts, our emotions and our entire universe. Through our thoughts and emotions, which are energy vibrating at a specific frequency we have been pulling towards us unconsciously situations of a similar vibration to that of the thoughts and emotions we are putting out.

We attract what we are. We have discussed how thoughts and emotions affect our reality. Now we must discuss how we can consciously begin to master using our thoughts and emotions in a constructive way in order to align ourselves towards achieving our goals and desires.

Pranic Ball Technique

This technique will bring together everything we have learnt of thoughts, emotions and energy to create a powerful Reality Manifestation Technique. This technique should not take you more than one minute.

Bring your palms together about 8-10 inches apart and begin to focus your attention on the space between your palms. Imagine there being a brilliant hollow golden ball between your palms. Now you may begin to take a deep breath in and when you exhale imagine your out-breath flowing down your arms into the golden ball filling it up. Do this for about 5 or 6 breaths and begin to imagine the ball become more solid and heavier.

Now begin to visualise or imagine a scenario in your life that you wish to create. It is important that you imagine this scenario in first person (looking through your eyes in your body) and you must imagine it as if it is happening right now.

Make this visualisation as vivid as possible see every detail in your minds eye, hear any sounds, any smells, tastes and sensations that should be involved in this experience. While doing this begin to feel what sorts of emotions you will be feeling during this scenario. For example if you are manifesting a new job imagine the excitement and joy you will feel once you have got the confirmation. Or if you're manifesting a romantic relationship, imagine how it would feel like to be with this individual, the feeling of wholeness and completeness.

Now once you have visualised the scenario you wish to manifest into your reality place this visualisation in the golden ball of energy you have created in your palms and just "intend" in your mind that the ball is stabilised. This will ensure that the ball is locked and steady.

Imagine in front of you perhaps a meter away a small vortex or wormhole floating in the air, just know that this wormhole leads all the way to the universal "source" of energy. Push the Golden ball slightly and imagine it float into the wormhole and get sucked into it. Now forget about it. Go and do something else this is the most important step. For manifestation to work faster and effortlessly one must forget and not dwell on when the request will be fulfilled. The reason for this is because the more you focus on the manifestation you just carried out the more you will prevent it from returning to source energy and then manifesting. A manifestation always takes place when you least expect it. Only when you have let go of that thought is when the manifestation will occur.

Remember the manifestation will take place always through logical means, if you manifest a car, it does not mean a car will fall down from the sky in front of you. Your universe will align itself so you may take action and be led to an opportunity where you will receive a car.

This also does not mean you can sit and wait for it to manifest, action must be taken. For example if you manifest a new relationship but all you do is stay at home this manifestation may take much longer to materialise because you need to leave your house in order to allow the universe to align your world so you may meet someone new. This does not mean that your manifestation wont happen to end up outside your door and ring the doorbell. It has happened. But to widen the window of opportunities it is always best to move towards physically achieving the manifested desire through taking action in the physical world.

It is best you do not launch more than 1 desire a day, to allow a little room for the manifestations to occur effortlessly. Multiple pranic balls can be launched for the same desire if you wish to re-energize or re-charge the previously launched intent. It is important that one has absolute certainty and trust that the manifestation will be made physical. If for some reason you doubt this you will immediately veto the manifestation you have just carried out. For this technique to work effortlessly you must have absolute faith in the process. This is why it is recommended that you start by manifesting something small like parking space, a friend handing you an apple or a ball somehow ending up in your yard in order to strengthen your "belief" before moving onto larger desires like a new house, a romantic relationship or that promotion. Belief is a powerful tool and is like a muscle that can be strengthened. We shall discuss this in a future article in detail.

The time taken for each individual manifestation varies. I have had manifestations happen as fast as 3 hours and as long as 3 months. There is a mystical significance of the number "3" which we shall discuss in another article perhaps in the future. One thing I can say for sure is the manifestations I have launched never manifested when I expected them to. So once again I must reiterate the importance of forgetting about the manifestation you have carried out and avoiding constantly dwelling upon it. The important thing to note is just like every skill it takes practice. The more you do it the more results you shall see. Doing this pranic ball once or twice wont show you as much results as doing it as often as possible.

How does manifestation work?

Now that you've carried out the pranic ball technique and launched out your request to the universal energies. Let us discuss how it works.

Through visualisation you've created the "form" which is a golden energy ball embedded with the "thought" which is composed of the energy or vibration of the situation which you wish to experience. Remember that every situation has its own frequency or vibration so by creating a thought as if the scenario you wish to experience is happening now, you are therefore creating a thought with that frequency and embedding it to the energy ball. You've created the form but you are missing the fuel which is the "force", therefore you were instructed to feel the emotions that you would expect to experience in that specific scenario. By doing this you are further strengthening and fueling the thought with the energy of the emotion (force) and this emotion will also be resonating at the frequency of the situation you wish to manifest. By this method, force and form has now been coupled and you have a powerful pranic ball with your desire charged and ready for launch.

Once the charged energy ball has been launched into the vortex and it reaches source energy the universe will pull together all the opportunities and routes for that manifestation to occur in your life and present to you situations in life (vibrating at the frequency of the charged pranic ball you launched) in a logical manner so that you may experience that desire in physical form.

This is only the beginning of our journey of Reality Manifestation in the next couple of articles we shall be discussing why belief is such an important and powerful tool and what is going on behind the scenes in the wormhole or vortex after you have launched your pranic ball. In the mean time practice as much as you can! Happy manifesting!

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