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Identity Shifting: The KEY to changing your life

Our Identity rules our life. Whatever we identify with becomes like a label that shapes our identity. Some of these labels may be positive in nature, whereas some maybe negative. Regardless, we've accumulated all sorts of labels from, ourself, family, friends, and even society and these all shape our identity which in turn shapes our reality. Depending on what labels we have accumulated, when an opportunity comes into our life, or we want to change our life or stop a bad habit. When the changes we aspire to make or the opportunities that come our way aren't congruent with our identity, we often find ourselves unconsciously undermining those opportunities or reverting to familiar patterns despite initial efforts to change. Even if the change promises positive outcomes, our ingrained identity pulls us back towards our old ways over time. In this article, I delve deeper into how our identity acts as a barrier to change and success, and explore how hypnosis can facilitate a transformative shift in our identity to live the life we wish to live.

a sad man looking at a mirror with the reflection of a confident man in the mirror

It doesn't matter whether you are attempting to stop a harmful habit like smoking, exercise five times a week or simply get accepted to your dream job. Your identity determines all of it. If an individual is a smoker, especially for many years, this becomes like a badge that get placed metaphorically on their identity that defines them as a "smoker", now when an individual tries to stop smoking after a week or so they may return to the smoking as their identity had not shifted from a "smoker" to a "non-smoker".

If they began to identify as a "non-smoker" it would be a lot easier for the person to quit smoking as the "identity" would feel uncomfortable smoking now that they are identified as a non-smoker as "it is NOT THEM anymore". Similarly if an individual was told at a young age by a teacher or parental figure that they will never amount to anything and they truly identified with that, decades later they may wonder why every opportunity for success that comes into their life they end up sabotaging it unconsciously. This is likely because the identity may hold onto this label that "they'll never amount to anything" and therefore they sabotage it as success isn't in alignment with their identity.

The identity affects our habits, behaviours, the relationships we have with others, the types of people we attract into our life, our self image, our financial worth, our emotional state, our success, opportunities that we allow into our life and the list goes on.

Thankfully, the identity can be changed. It can be changed by a technique known as "Identity Shifting". This is a technique that I use with many of my clients to help them shift their identity to the version of themselves that they want to become. The technique involves using hypnosis to allow suggestion to penetrate deep into the unconscious mind, the aspect of ourself that can make long lasting and effective change to the very nature of our being. the unconscious mind also can make changes to our identity, is has been making various changes to your identity without your awareness since your were born.

Once in hypnosis, the first element of identity shifting involves removing all the negative labels an individual may have accumulated throughout their life, given to them by themselves defined through the experiences they've had, given to them by society, family and friends. Once, these negative labels are removed, the identity is free to change, they can be anyone they wish to be.

The second element, involves creating or building the version of themselves they'd like to be. Whether that is to be a confident, public speaker, inspiring millions of people or a world renowned classical musician or simply an individual who is a happily married with two lovely children living in their dream home, making a living doing what they are passionate about. Whatever it might be, once the identity is shifted, first of all it is easier to allow deeper healing and change to take place using therapeutic techniques as the identity stops resisting change and most importantly, the person starts to attract into their life the people and opportunities that can push them forward towards the life that they want to live.

It's a very important aspect of ourselves that I feel very few people work on or realise it is having a strong influence on their lives. Change your identity and change your life.

Schedule a free 15 minute phone call with me and we can discuss how identity shifting can help transform your life by clicking here.

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